October 28th. 2010

White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC_ 20006


Haiti knew since his Independence, roughly, 30 years of quietness and of social
progress measured to the centimeter, by the Haitian full one and patriotically
conscious of the degrading sociopolitical position of this first Republic.  The
country knew 176 years of harassments, of double-dealing of all natures.  

Injected are by foreign influences, but in a manner very specific, all the
problems of a lackadaisical middle class, and politically ambitious illiterates fall
individually on us as Haitians by for result in a national level of political
corruption and of social abjections.  

The advent in political power of Jean Bertrand Aristide in 1990 was concocted
by the international left, the UN observers, and the infernal machine of French

The elections of 1990 were faked.  Aristide did not have the 67% of voices
fraudulently granted. Framed by a proletarian cauldron, this local cacoisme  
revealed itself to be socially harmful and economically disastrous for the

It is necessary important to remember the embargo that was imposed upon us
by the United States and other international entities and supported by Jean
Bertrand Aristide itself and the black-caucus. The armed intervention of the
former President Bill Clinton and the UN in 1994. Then, the return… this return
in power  punctuated of jewelry making, did not give anything concrete.

As if it was suffering from a curse, Haiti does nothing but to sink in a distressing
degradation: rape, of kidnapping, drugs, embezzlements and administrative
corruption became the norm.  The administration that should  anchor of the
moral, intellectual life and economical development crumbled under the aegis
of the clicks in power.  

Here that we all took into the trap of the political laxity aristido-préval that lasts
since two decades, incapable going out of a metaphorical trajectory of cruelty
and of social injustice, administratively economically hash. We lost the notion:
Beauty, to contemplate our environment, and the predicament: Attitude, to
remake us a new social mood; in order for some to go out of the daily

The earthquake of January 12, 2010 as you know accomplished nothing but the
return of such extreme and complex problems, that more than one had
imagined itself than the electoral jousts schedule to November 28, would be the
occasion for a new start with a very honest, administratively competent men at
the head of the country.  

Once more, Preval clicks in power continues to play his score, of which the goal,
is the maintenance of the infernal machine to let valid candidates fail or to win
by a coup d’état  of the ballot boxes, while perpetuating the status quo ante, by
imposing of a doubtful personage.  The international representatives in the field
are dancing to the sound of the music of the government in place.  

And, one can wonder, if these international community will not say one day as
Oscar Wilde said while listening the music of Chopin:  "To play Chopin, I feel as if
I had cried on the sins that I had never committed and carrying the mourning on
the tragedies that were not my clean ones". Thus, the waltz of the Haitian
people will continue.  

Mister President, I know that you are sensitive to the problems of the Haitian
people.  I write you this letter, to denounce _ such as a strident cry_ these
plutocrats of the United Nations and OEA, and all those that have and continue
to participate closely or by far has the subjugate of the Haitian nation, while
supporting the ravages of Préval and his irresponsible and incompetent
government to direct the administrative and politics affairs of the country.  

Please receive, your Excellency, my respects and my distinguished greetings.  


Serge Séraphin
Founder and General Secretary
The National Renaissance Movement
Of Haiti.

CC: The Secretary of  State
The United Nations

Président BARACK
Secrétaire d’État des
EU, Hillary Rodham
Secrétaire général des Nations-Unies Ban